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dance schools in new hampshireExtra Opportunities

Fortitude for Dance is excited to offer these additional opportunities for our students! These clubs serve as an additional outlet for dancers to get involved. Clubs may have a bi-annual fee to cover supplies and staff.

For questions about any of these opportunities, please email the director at

1 Day in Studio Intensive!

On Saturday February 2nd will be holding our very 1st one day studio intensive here at Fortitude. All of the benefits of a Nuvo style dance convention in the comfort of our OWN STUDIO with some of the industries strongest and brightest dance professionals! Styles offered will be Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Stomp Style Percussion, and Technique for Dancers. A separate flyer will go out on the event because we are very excited and we have so much to offer! Full Flyer & Schedule.

Full Day Registration, 3 Classes or 1 class.

Parents Night Out (Fridays)  Parents night out is designed for kids or parents that need to get out of the house! Drop them off for a few hours and enjoy the time off. We craft, play games, watch movies and more! Snacks will be provided but not dinner, please feel free to send them with food. Register HERE

Production Club (Fall)
Production club is a hands-on club for dancers who want to be involved in set design, prop creation and scene navigation.
Club fee is separate from monthly tuition. Register HERE

Composition Club (Spring)
Composition club is designed for kids who are interested in teaching dance and or choreographing/creating their own pieces. Dancers will learn improv skills, movement spacial awareness, shape building and dance history. Dancers will work together to create a piece for the spring show. This piece is teacher guided and student choreographed.Club fee Club fee is separate from monthly tuition. Register HERE

Banana Splits Club
Our Banana Splits Club is a year-long opportunity for dancers to get all of their splits. Once they have achieved all of their full splits they are accepted into the club. At the end of the year, all Banana Splits Club Members are invited to an ice cream party!

Birthday Parties
Don’t want to host a party at your house? Does your child love dance? Then we have a party for you! We are now officially hosting Birthday Parties. Parties are 2 hours long and include 1 hour of dance and play, and 1 hour of cake, presents and free time. Our staff hosts the entire party easing some of the stress and pressure off the parent(s). Please contact us for prices and further information.

Assist-A-Kid Program
Assist-A-Kid program is a group of our older students who assist with our younger classes. They are a very helpful extra set of hands and are greatly appreciated! (Participants receive discounted tuition for being involved in this program)

Performance Team
flyer» Click here to view a flyer with detailed information on our 2018-2019 PERFORMANCE TEAM

Our goal for our Performance Team is to give young dancers an extraordinary outlet for their ongoing love for dance. This is done through guidance towards new limits, positive encouragement, strong team building and creating a solid base of self confidence.

If you are interested in joining our Team please contact our director at

We are not a competitive dance team. We are an all inclusive performance team. We do, however, participate and compete in two competitions a year. This helps both teachers and performers see criticism from neutral dance professionals. We rarely encourage "winning". We like to instead encourage performing their very best, self-improvement, making the people who love you proud, and most of all, being proud of yourself.

Hometown Team 

We are now offering a new addition to our Performance Team! It is a smaller non-competitive commitment geared toward a younger group of dancers. We are looking for dancers who are ages 4-6yrs old, who love to dance, and love to perform. For more information click HERE.

Our Performance Team has received many awards. Some of which include: Bright Smile; Picture Perfect; Prop Perfection; Elite Entertainer; Perfect Partners; and many more overall and high score awards.

performance team

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