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Fortitude for Dance offers a variety of classes for both girls and boys, ages 15 months through Adult. For information on class placement, or for assistance in finding the perfect classes for your child, please contact our Director today.  To register online simply click the class you wish to register. For multiple classes click HERE.      


Class Schedule 2020 


Studio AStudio BStudio AStudio BStudio AStudio BStudio AStudio BStudio AStudio BStudio AStudio B
    Foundations 2 (3yrs)
Dance with Me (15 mo.+)
    Foundations 1 (2yrs)
    Foundations 1 (2yrs)

Tiny Tumblers
(3-6yrs)    10:15-10:45

    Foundations 2/3 (3&4yrs)
    Foundations 3 (4yrs)
Open Gym    (All ages)  10:45-11:15    Pre Ballet  (5&6yrs)
          Pre Tap (5&6yrs)













Stretch &      Flex Junior+
Stretch &   Flex Tiny/Mini
 Ballet 1
 Ballet 4
Boys Fusion 2 (9+yrs)  
Hometown   Team (4-6yrs) 
 Pre Ballet
 Ballet 4
Hippity Hop (3-5yrs)
Hippity Hop (6-8yrs)
 Team Production  
 Jazz 1*
 Tap 1 
 Acro 1*
 Pre Tap
 Ballet 2
Tiny Tumblers        (3-6yrs)
Musical Theatre 1
 Turns, Leaps     & Jumps
Tiny/Mini Rehearsal
 Jazz 3*
 Tap 2  
 Acro 3*
 Jazz 2*
 Teen Ballet
Foundations 2/3 (3&4yrs)
Open Studio Time $  
 Small Group Rehearsals
 Jazz 4*
 Ballet 3
 Tap 3
 Acro 2*
 Teen Jazz
 Lyrical 1.      (8-10yrs)
Parents Night  Out & Events      6:00-8:00  
 Duos and Trios
  Adult Tap 
 Hip Hop 
 Tap Club. 6:15-7:00   

*Indicates that students must be enrolled in Ballet to be able to enroll in that class.

Open Studio Time $ is an opportunity for dancers currently enrolled with us to rent the space to practice. Contact us for details!

Please remember Ballet is the foundation of dance. Contact the Director with any questions.

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 Pre School Classes- Starting at 15 months

Foundations 1                                                                                                                    (2 years) Is an independent creative movement class. We focus on gross motor skills and the early basics of Ballet. We use props and do light tumbles. This class performs in our Spring Show.

Foundations 2
(3 years) This class focuses on basic Ballet skills combined with gross motor skills. There is occasional prop use. We explore Tap dancing and basic sounds. This class performs in both our shows!

Foundations 3
(4 years) Foundations 3 builds Ballet skills to enhance their technique. We explore Tap dancing and basic sounds and patterns. This class has the option to perform in both of our shows.

*NEW Dance with Me
This is a parent and child class made up of a half hour of structured creative movement & gross motor development and a half hour of an obstacle course, sensory and free play. 

*NEW Hippity Hop
Hip Hop for kids 3-8yrs! Dancers will move and groove to kids hit songs. This is a great class for kids who just want to have fun and move! 

*NEW Tiny Tumblers
Tumbling for kids 3-6yrs! Kids will learn basic Tumbling while working on flexibility and building a strong muscle foundation.


Level Classes- Ages 6yrs & up

dance jazz

Please note that all level students are required to take a Ballet class in addition to any other classes they wish to take. For example, if you wish to take our Acro and/or Jazz classes, you must also take Ballet. (This rule does not apply to students who only wish to take a Hip Hop or Tap class.) Ballet is the foundation of all technical dance styles and that technique is needed to successfully excel in other styles. 


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and is a required class at FFD. Focusing heavily on technique, dancers will move through a series of exercises beginning at the barre then moving to the center and performing combinations including balancing exercises, turns, leaps, and jumps. Ballet develops the dancer’s alignment, balance, flexibility, grace, and poise.

Contemporary is a style generated by all styles of dance, although the majority of it is Ballet, Modern and Jazz. In contemporary we focus heavily on technique and performing. We also explore pure movement and learn how to use emotions in dancing. We offer Contemporary for ages 10 & up.

A combination of Ballet & Jazz techniques to slow music incorporating emotional and story telling elements. Ages 8 & up.

Tap dancing is generated by sounds tap shoes make when they hit the floor as a form of percussion. We combine Broadway Jazz and Tap skills. We offer Tap for ages 3 & up.


Jazz is a style of dance brought together by multiple styles of technique. We most commonly explore Broadway Jazz, Modern Jazz, and Open style of Jazz. We concentrate heavily on technique and performance value. We offer classes for all levels for all ages.

Acro is a style of dance generated by heavy dance technique mixed with gymnastics floor based skills. All of our Acro classes explore tumbling but we do not focus on that alone. We offer Acro for ages 6 & up.

Stretch and Flexdance classes in NH

This is a class designed to help strengthen and tone, and increase flexibility and range of motion.

Turns, Leaps & Jumps
Turns, Leaps & Jumps is a class designed to enhance your technique with an emphasis on turning, leaping and jumping. This class helps all dancers strengthen their  technique which extends across all areas of dance, regardless of the genre.

Boys Fusion
Boys Fusion is a class that teaches both Jazz and Hip Hop techniques for boys. We offer this class for ages 5 & up.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is compiled up of a number of different forms of “street dancing”. It was created in NY in the late 70s as a way for people to come together and escape hardships. We explore all styles of Hip Hop such as Tutting, Break Dancing, Popping and Locking. We explore only age appropriate aspects of Hip Hop, and we keep it family friendly. We offer Hip Hop for ages 9 & up. This is a great class for kids who just want to have fun and move! 

Performance Team
Our goal for our Performance Team is to give young dancers an extraordinary outlet for their ongoing love for dance. This is done through guidance towards new limits, positive encouragement, strong team building and creating a solid base of self confidence.

  • Contact us for details 

Adult Classes

Adult Tap
Tap dancing is generated by sounds tap shoes make when they hit the floor as a form of percussion. We combine Broadway Jazz and and Tap skills. This class is great exercise and builds rhythm. Our adults have a blast! Call to register.

  • Days & times offered: Wednesday 7:15-8:00pm

    Adult Hip Hop
    Focusing fun creative ways to get your body moving. Our adults get a great work out in this class! Call to register.

  • Days & times offered: Friday 7:15-8:00pm

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